Located on the top of the Aveyron’s gorges. We are surrounded by villages labelled as some of the most beautiful of France like Najac, Cordes-sur-Ciel ou Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. And all at less than 90 minutes from Toulouse and 60 from Montauban, Albi and Gaillac by car.
Or come by train to Najac and we will come to pick you up at the train station.

Come spend more than a night, live a unique experience in this magical place. Surrounded by lush green forest, an ideal place to visit the gorges and start exploring some of “the most beautiful village of France”. Come visit our bubble hotel in south of france 🙂

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Eco-Touristic project

In our modern age, the majority of the population lives in big grey city and lost connection to nature. However, how do we reconnect without affecting the environment?

Our bubbles are light and temporary. This reduce our impact on the environment. During winter month, we pack them and leave no trace of their presence.
We work hard to reduce our impact on nature. All the product we use and give you comes either from a local source or comes from organic farming.  Furthermore, we use dry toilet to reduce water usage as well as limit water pollution.

The bubbles

Wrapped in your nest under the stars enjoy an unmatched experience. A stunning view from the nature surrounding you in all season and weather. With all the comfort of a luxury hotel room immerse yourself in the forest and make one with the Milky Way above you.

Each bubble have been carefully design to have a unique fell to them making each stay a new experience.

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Dinner basket

Taste the local products.
Petit Futé

«Somn’en bulle gives you the opportunity to spend a night under the stars, a unique experience to wake up the child in you.

From the comfort of your bed, gaze on the stars above you and look at the nature unfold.

In Najac, in the heart of Aveyron, surrounded by nature, come live an unusual and poetic night.»

Amandine and Henri

Discover the Aveyron's gorges with our partner, Agaac !

And get a two euros reduction on all their activities by staying with us.

Want to exptend your experience ? Come to our second bubble hotel in south of france in the Lot at Cabrerets.

Discover the wonders of our region with Amandine and Annie, wother and daughter.
Contact us directly to stay at both our adresses.

See you soon at Noct’en Bulles for an unsual experience.

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