Frequently asked questions.

How is the bubble maintained?

The bubble is maintained thanks to a slight air pressure provided by a silences turbine. Furthermore, the bubble has an airlock entrance.

What happens when the power goes out?

Don’t worry, we have set up an inverter powered by batteries that will keep the turbines running.

Is the bubble heated?

We provide a small heater when the night’s gets cold and we have very warm quilt but the bubble is an outdoor housing and they are not isolated. If you are skittish, it might be better to try the experience in the summer.

Can you sleep under the rain?

The bubble a waterproof and resist very well rains and storm. It is quite an amazing experience to see the raindrops on you while tuck in a warm bed.

But for security reason in case  of orange alert weather report from météo-france for storm, hailstorm, snow or if wind goes beyond 90km/h. Somn’en Bulle as the right to cancel a night and report it to a further date choose by the client. In no case Somn’en bulle can be made liable for additional expenses causes by these weather. Somn’en bulle does not refund or offers to change night because of bad weather without orange or higher weather alert.

Is there electricity in the bubble?

The bubble has electrify, in fact there is a fridge, a coffee machine and a kettle as well as hot water. The only thing missing is wifi leaving you with no choice but to look at the stars and your loved ones 🙂

What are the bubble’s dimensions?

All our bubble have an airlock entrance and two bubbles, a 4m diameter one for the room and a 2,7m one for the bathroom.

Can i bring my pet with me?

Unfortunately, no, pets are not allowed.

Where can i park my car?

There are plenty of parking space around the bubble, no worries.

Can I smoke inside a bubble?

It is strictly prohibited to smoke in the bubble.

Is there a safe?

Just as a tent, bubble can’t be closed as well a house. It is possible to put a lock on the door, just tell us when you arrive and we will give one to you.

If you have valuable, you can leave them to us if you prefer.

Do I get a discount if I’m coming alone?

The price is for one night, there is no single occupancy policy.